About Me

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Hello! I’m Emily,
A learning and developing web app designer with a focus on front-end, user experience and interface (UX/UI).

A recent graduate from the George Washington University, Full Stack Website Development Coding Bootcamp. The 12 week full-time intensive program was hosted through Trilogy Education. I gained an in-depth understanding of browser based technologies {HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, ES6, jQuery}, deployment, databases {MySQL, MongoDB} and server side development {Node.js, Express, React.js, MERN stack}.

This transition into software engineering came from my enthusiasm and experience previously working as a Staff Development Coordinator, a corporate trainer. I trained new and tenured employees on efficiently using our Enterprise Staffing Software (ESS) erecruit. I worked in designing training materials, created training videos and updated our internal WordPress site. However, this role also opened me up the world of DevOps; gaining access to backend permissions, templates and setting, workflow designs, integrating other software, troubleshooting issues and creating support tickets. It became clear that the realm of SaaS was well suited for me.

Right now, I’m improving websites like www.tecknow.me helping in building a more interactive user experience and build SEO. I have a few other projects underway, focused on improving my proficiency with React.js. You may view my activity on my GitHub.

I’m a software aficionado, boolean queen,
finding pure joy in discovering new web applications.

So if you’re looking for someone to enthuse and enhance your online web app, I’m your person.

Skills & Abilities

– CSS3
– JavaScript ES6
– jQuery
– ReactJS

– MongoDB
– Node.js
– Express.js
– Sequelize
– Firebase

Soft Skills:
– Respectful
– Collaborative
– Optimistic
– Detail Oriented
– Innovative
– Dependable

Let’s Get in Touch,